When it comes to maps, you are talking about Wave’s core business. In fields as varied as exploration and local authorities Wave has established an enviable reputation.

Using the latest graphic, CAD and GIS software Wave knows what is the best solution for a specific job, and their staff are fully trained to provide solutions to the best advantage.

Wave have built up a large inhouse mapping database and have access to vast specialised datasets.


Wave has an extensive, worldwide data base of elevation and bathymetric data that is used to produce custom contour maps.
Total control over colours, contour intervals and annotation ensures a beautiful map. Addition geologic and infrastructure data can be overlaid on the map. Any ascii data in xyz format can be gridded and contoured to produce isopach maps and other contour based diagrams.

Stack maps can be produced to help clarify complicated, overlying data.
Diagrams can have multiple layers and tie lines between. Data from CAD, GIS and graphics packages can all be incorporated into the image.

Using the data used to produce contour maps, Wave can produce realisic rendered maps.
These totally accurate base maps give an immediate feel for an areas topography and are ideal for overlaying additional information.


3D block maps can be produced from any xyz data.

A rendered surface map with oil fields and pipelines. There is full control over all angles of display, scaling and colouring.

Additional topographic, geological or infrastructural data can be draped over the surface. They can also be used in conjunction with stack maps.