When it comes to maps, you are talking about Wave's core business. In fields as varied as exploration and local authorities Wave has established an enviable reputation. Wave is also actively involved in Graphic Design, Web design and development.
Wave runs a number of cartographic offices and has contracts with several major international companies to provide services in graphics, cartographic, GIS and remote sensing. We have been leading the way in exploration cartography for the last 15 years. From our central London offices we have provided a quality service to clients all over the world


- Project planning from conceptualisation through implementation and marketing

- Advising on the design and implementation of Remote Sensing, GIS & Cartographic Office Design, resourcing, managemnt systems and reporting

- High volume, high quality and rapid data capture, QA/QC to populate GIS systems

- Sourcing Remote sensing data, equipment and software appropriate for GIS systems

- Training in the use of GIS and management

- Every year, like the past several years, Wave collaborates with a London University for training post graduate students in Remote Sensing and GIS